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Resilient Resident Lindsay Heights Civic Engagement Compensation Program

The Resilient Resident LHCEC program is an innovative way for Lindsay Heights residents to gain recognition and financial compensation for their challenging work and dedicated effort. This program was developed to give community members who may be retired, in transition between jobs or not have access to traditional employment a more equitable way to earn income and sustain civic engagement.  

How to get started?

The process of engaging a community resident in Lindsay Heights requires careful consideration and planning, as well as the development of relationships with neighbors to participate and provide insight into successful methods for doing so. Assessing one's skills, creativity, and passion for connecting with the community is key - these are essential elements that should be considered when creating a project plan.


1.   Review Resilient Resident LHCEC program overview
2.  Sign-up for an Informational (5th of Month)
3.  Submit Your Proposal (10th of Month)
4.  All Proposal reviewed by LHR Committee (15th of Month)
5.  Resident Projects are notified if approved for funding (25th of Month)
6.  On-Boarding Awarded Resident Projects (30th of Month)
7.  Evaluation of Resident Project Outcomes (1st of Month)

8.  Submit Invoices for payment (15th of Month)


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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