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Hopkins Lloyd Community School (HLCS) engages students, parents, and the community to work toward the common goals of success for children while enriching parents' lives as well. Students in K5–grade 3 learn in classrooms with no more than an 18:1 student-to-teacher ratio with the AGR program. HLCS provides long, uninterrupted blocks of literacy and math in accordance with MPS's comprehensive plans to boost these critical skills.

The school's partners at the Marquette University College of Education boost the reading program while City Year members support small-group intervention for students. Students at HLCS have access to a library, technology in the classroom and in computer labs, and coursework in music and art with Arts @ Large partners. The school uses research-based strategies to improve student achievement and to continuously monitor progress. HLCS provides special education services and access to a CLC, offering tutoring and extracurricular activities. The school is a safe, positive learning environment in which students can grow academically while building connections to their community.

Address: 1503 W Hopkins St, Milwaukee, WI 53206

Phone: (414) 267-0600

Families can enroll in this school using the online application at

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