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Lindsay Heights

Neighborhood Improvement District (FAQ)

Neighborhood Improvement District

Februrary 11, 2023 Board Election RESULTS

Lindsay Heights Quadrants

The Lindsay Heights Neighborhood Improvement District (LHNID) is an important initiative that seeks to build sustainable and equitable outcomes for a densely populated area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The LHNID is designed to be a collaborative effort between residents, businesses, nonprofits, and government partners working together to create greater economic opportunity and revitalization in the neighborhood.

A neighborhood improvement district (NID) is a financing and management tool used by neighborhood governments to fund various neighborhood projects. NIDs are typically established as part of local zoning ordinances, in which property owners agree to assess themselves additional taxes in exchange for the public improvements they will receive.

These assessments can be used to finance infrastructure projects such as street and sidewalk repairs, neighborhood beautification efforts, public safety initiatives, and economic development activities.

Additionally, the LHNID provides technical assistance and resources needed for residents who are interested in starting their own business or developing real estate projects within the district

Through this program, local stakeholders have an opportunity to invest in their own community by increasing access to public transportation, housing options and other amenities that contribute to increased safety and quality of life.

Why start a Neighborhood Improvement District? 

The idea of a Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) can provide equity and ownership to communities that have been historically underserved or subject to displacement.  By creating NIDs, the community can be provided with necessary resources that may otherwise not be available in their area.  

These resources could include things such as infrastructure improvements, funding for local businesses or initiatives, and economic development programs. In addition, NIDs can provide an opportunity for citizens to have a say in the decisions being made in their neighborhood that may otherwise be out of their control.  This allows for greater equity in decision making and helps ensure a more inclusive process.  

As such, this is an effective way to address long-term displacement issues and ensure that the community is empowered to take ownership of its future.  These improvements can improve quality of life and create a more sustainable, equitable neighborhood. A NID can be a powerful tool in creating lasting change for communities in need. 


When did Lindsay Heights NID become established? 

The Milwaukee Common Council established the Lindsay Heights Neighborhood Improvement District on November 4, 2022.  This district was created to support economic development and revitalization in the Lindsay Heights area, including investments in infrastructure, housing, job creation, and public safety.  The district includes 3,067 parcels of land within a three-square-mile radius that are owned by Milwaukee County, Milwaukee Public Schools, and the City of Milwaukee. 


How is Lindsay Heights NID funded? 

The Lindsay Heights Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) is funded through assessment revenue and grant funding.  All assessment revenue received goes towards the NID projects as outlined in the approved budget. In addition to assessment revenue, grants are sought to provide additional funding for specific initiatives or events.  The NID has been successful in receiving grants from various local organizations and foundations. Fundraising efforts are also conducted to raise money for additional projects or events.  All funds received through assessment revenue and grants are used exclusively for the benefit of Lindsay Heights residents. 

  • How are Lindsay Heights Board members nominated? 

The Election process is outlined within the 2023 LH NID Nominations & Election Process which includes the following: 


The Election Committee Key Election Compliance Steps Date & Time Election Day Procedures Public Record Residents interested in running for the 2023 LH NID Board of Directors & Quadrant Leaders must obtain both candidate forms and return both completed forms due by 6PM on January 31, 2023: 

Candidate Application will include your residence, background, and experience and A separate Nomination Form to collect 25 valid signatures from residents over 18 years old within the NID boundaries supporting your application as a candidate. 

Each candidate interested in running must attend the Annual Meeting & Special Election on February 11, 2023 to inform residents of your interest in serving LH NID by participating in the candidate panel on the day of voting.  

All documents can be downloaded a ( or contact Walnut Way for a copy of documents. On Election Day each candidate’s application will be complied together as handouts for resident voters to review candidate’s background for elected roles. Please refer to the 2023 LH NID Nominations & Election Process for any additional information. 


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Lindsay Heights Neighbohrood Improvment District
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