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The Labyrinth

The labyrinth is an invitation to walk with openness to the moving of the Spirit of Life (whoever/whatever we place our ultimate trust). The path, marked with healing herbs & plants, leads to the center and out again. To walk the labyrinth is to step away from our every day life for a moment, to slow down, to ponder, to listen, to receive guidance, healing, inspiration… Through walking, connection is realized in ones deeper self, in community and in the universe. Individuals or groups are welcome.

Guidelines for walking*

  • Prepare

  • Breathe deeply and consciously as you head towards the labyrinth, keeping in mind your purpose for the walk.

  • Walk

  • While entering keep mind and heart open to growth as your eyes face downward or forward.

  • Walk at a conscious, comfortable pace allowing others at different paces to go on by stepping aside politely when necessary.

  • When you reach the middle, STOP and pray/meditate, then finish your walk affirming the Power/Spirit of life in the present.

  • Reflect

  • As you give thanks to those on the walk as well, ponder on what came in your mind and how you can use it as you carry out your existence.

*(There are truly no rules to walking the labyrinth, however to fully experience spiritual relief on the path you are invited to consider these suggestions.)


Venice R. Williams, Executive Director (414) 687-0122

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