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Lindsay Heights

Housing Repair Partners

2022 - Lindsay Heights City of Milwaukee - Housing Data Request 

  1. How many homes in Lindsay Heights have DNS (Dept of Neighborhood Services) code violations? 177 code violations have occurred on homes in Lindsay heights

  2. How many homes in Lindsay heights are property tax delinquent? 658 occurrences of homes with tax delinquencies

The organizations listed below can help you get repairs to your home.  If you prefer not to get a loan, they still have ways they can help.  Call for a consultation to learn more about what home repair resources you have access too.  If you're a senior living in Lindsay Heights scroll to the bottom and fill out the Block Build form.

Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation

Expand Access to Secure Homeownership (Josey Heights)

Maria Prioletta | 414-286-5610

Great Midwest Bank

At community banks like Great Midwest Bank, decisions are made based on the specific needs of you, our customer. Community banking means we’re not driven by fees and answering to stakeholders. At the end of the day, what’s in your best interest is most often what’s in ours. | Brenda Brown | 414-352-8713

Brenda Brown | 414-352-8713

Community Warehouse

521 S 9th St · (414) 383-7792 Expand Access to Homeownership & Improve Property Conditions

Habitat for Humanity

We build strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter.
At Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity, we believe everyone deserves a decent place to live. (414) 562-6100

ACTS Housing

We provide one-on-one and online, HUD-approved homebuyer and financial counseling for individuals and families to help them become ready to buy.
As a real estate brokerage, Acts represents families in the purchase of homes for owner occupancy, in Milwaukee and Beloit. | Michael Gosman | (414) 933-2215

Michael Gosman | (414) 933-2215

Social Development Commission

Empowering Milwaukee County residents with the resources to move beyond poverty.

Ella Dunbar
(414) 906-2700

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Senior's Upload  a photo of the Home Repair you need.

Upload Picture of Repair that is needed
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