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About Milwaukee CLT

Vision All of Milwaukee’s lower income residents who desire to own real estate and build wealth will be able to do so as the city’s neighborhoods end displacement, poverty and blight.

Mission Through its ownership of land, and stewardship of homes and homeowners that occupy that land, the MCLT creates permanently affordable housing, community control over real estate, and development without displacement. This is done by working with neighborhoods, neighborhood organizations and other key partners. You can make a difference

MCLT is a membership organization. Anyone who lives in Milwaukee can join for $1 annual membership dues. Members elect the board of directors every February, when 1/3 of the directors’ terms end. Nominations are accepted between November and December. If you live in Milwaukee you can nominate yourself. If you do not, you must be nominated by someone who lives in Milwaukee. The elections page is here.

Housing is an issue that impacts us all. Everyone needs a safe place to live, and not since the Great Depression have so many Americans struggled to afford their housing. Not everyone has the time to spare to serve on the MCLT board of directors. However, more important than finding competent directors is having conscientious voters who carefully consider the issues at stake, ask questions of the candidates, and vote to ensure that the right people get elected. Even if you only have time to attend one meeting per year, your vote each February matters.

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