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Why Use Rain Barrels?

Get FREE water by the barrel from your roof and use it when it’s dry outside to give thirsty gardens, flowers, and trees a drink. Rain barrels also help prevent rain from becoming polluted stormwater runoff -- the biggest remaining threat to clean rivers and lakes. Since 2002, with the help of our Fresh Coast Guardians, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) rain barrels have captured over one million gallons of stormwater each time it rains. Installing a rain barrel is an easy way to do your part to protect Lake Michigan and become a Fresh Coast Guardian.

The top is covered to keep out debris, mosquitoes, and other bugs

The spigot should be low on the barrel, so water does not stagnate at the bottom Use a downspout diverter to redirect water to the downspout preventing rain barrel overflows.

Look for a barrel made of thicker plastic that is UV resistant. If it feels like an oversized garbage can, it probably won't last.

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

260 W. Seeboth Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204

(414) 272-5100

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